Call for Submissions

Now accepting Proposals to host a workshop or webinar for the 2021 LIFT Conference Series, November 8-19, 2021!

Download a pdf of the 2021 LIFT Conference Series Call For Proposals.

Purpose Statement

The LIFT Conference is designed to bring together student leaders who are connected to their campus office of community engagement and service-learning or are actively engaged in coordinating and advocating for service experiences at institutions of higher education in California. A goal of the event is to convene student leaders who have an affinity for promoting, supporting, and advocating for meaningful service opportunities in college settings.

The LIFT Conference is founded on four values that encompass the purpose of the event:

LEADERSHIP: This value denotes the roles conference attendees play in their respective campuses and communities.

INNOVATION: Establishing a flow of information between student leaders will spark new ideas about how to best develop and expand leadership skills and service programs.

FELLOWSHIP: The dictionary definition of fellowship is “friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests.” By bringing like-minded student leaders together, we will provide an opportunity to forge new connections and discuss shared experiences regarding the importance of service in higher education.

TRANSFORMATION: We value the opportunity that service leadership provides the students to experience personal and professional growth. In doing so, they are better able to impact their respective service programs, campuses, and communities and transform our state into a more equitable, vibrant place for all people.

New This Year!

The LIFT Conference is expanding to the LIFT Conference Series. The event will feature a series of workshops and webinars between November 8-19, 2021. Registration will be free and all sessions will be recorded and posted at a later date.


  • Due date: Tuesday, October 5, 2021, 11:59 pm
  • Selection process: All submissions will be reviewed by current or recent student leaders. Applicants will be notified by October 13, 2021 whether or not their application has been accepted.
  • Submission link:

Application Overview

Host a Workshop or Webinar!

This is an opportunity for you to guide the field by facilitating a webinar or workshop. This can include highlighting best practices from your student leadership team: What are you proud of? What’s working well? What are you doing that other leaders can benefit from? Or, it can address issues or challenges you face in your role as service leaders in higher education: What are some pressing issues or topics that you feel this audience needs to know more about or grapple with?  Or, perhaps you want to help your fellow service leaders develop a specific skill or talent that will benefit them in their roles.

Who Can Apply?

Any group from an institution of higher education in the state of California that is directly involved or responsible for planning and implementing community engagement and service-learning activities.  This can include short-term service activities, long-term service commitments (with programs such as Jumpstart or California Volunteers), and service-learning or other curricular service experiences.

The application should prominently feature the role of students in designing and implementing the workshop or webinar.

Expectations for Selected Applications

Selected applicants will receive a $500 award to be used to support the planning and implementation of the workshop or webinar. Ideas for spending these funds include student stipends for their role planning the event, speaker fees, tech assistance fees, etc. The LIFT Conference Series seeks to fund projects that will meet the following objectives:

  • Designate a faculty or staff member to serve as a project coordinator and point of contact
  • Host workshop or webinar via Zoom, including securing technical support for your team
  • Attend pre- and post- event planning and debrief sessions
  • Identify at least one project representative to attend the conference series kick-off event on November 8, 2021
  • Participate in promoting the event
  • Provide a reflection guide for all participants to be submitted 5 business days before session is to take place
  • Provide content for LIFT website and social media to promote and highlight the workshop/webinars
  • Record session and provide captions for the recorded session 10 business days after it takes place

LIFT Staff Will:

  • Advertise and promote the event
  • Manage all event registration and communication with event attendees
  • Host kick-off (November 8) and closing (November 19) sessions
  • Provide feedback and support to project teams
  • Manage program assessments and share results with all project coordinators
  • Host a program website with event details, reflection guides, and session videos

Application Elements

  1. Submitter details: Provide name, title, organization and contact for project coordinator
  2. Presenter Institution/Affiliation: Identify the college or university you are affiliated with and briefly describe the role of student service leaders in your campus community engagement and service-learning efforts.
  3. Date preference: Provide three preferred dates and times (between November 9 – 18, 2021) for hosting the webinar/workshop.
  4. Funding plan: Briefly describe your plan for spending the $500 funds.
  5. Student role: Describe how students helped prepare and submit the application and their role in planning the workshop or webinar.
  6. Workshop/Webinar title: Provide a title for your presentation
  7. Workshop/Webinar Abstract: Summary of your session that will inform event attendees about your session topic and goals and encourage them to attend. (Not to exceed 50 )
  8. Workshop/Webinar Description: Describe your proposed session, including any necessary background information, goals/objectives of the session, and potential impact it might have on attendees. (Not to exceed 250 )
  9. Value Alignment: Select the conference values that apply to your session: Leadership, Innovation, Fellowship, and/or Transformation. Provide a short explanation outlining how your session connects to your selected

For more information, to discuss a possible application, or receive other support please contact Mellissa Jessen-Hiser at