The LIFT Conference started as an idea of the Richter Center Student Leaders (RCSL) at Fresno State.  The RCSL team are student leaders who volunteer their time to promote and support the campus culture of service at Fresno State.  They also work with campus and community partners to plan and implement service projects and reflection activities.

The members of RCSL value the opportunity to connect with other students who share a passion for service.  And they began to wonder about the impact of connecting with even more service-minded students throughout the state.  Could the group’s collective skills, innovations, leadership, passion, etc. be harnessed to transform our state?

Thus, the LIFT Conference was born to bring together student service leaders from throughout the state, with the aim of developing a network of service leaders that could be called upon for support, learning, and growth.

The first LIFT Conference was held in 2018, and we are excited to continue this event in November 2021 in a new format.  This year, the event is transforming into the LIFT Conference Series which will take place November 8 – 19, 2021 and will feature a selection of workshops and webinars. Additionally, reflection guides will be provided for each session to help you engage your team in collaborative learning around the session topic.

We hope you’ll join us!