The LIFT Conference is transforming in 2021! Save the date: November 8-19, 2021

New this year, we’re converting the LIFT Conference into a series of workshops and webinars that students can attend virtually.

We’re excited to share that the LIFT Conference is undergoing some changes. In response to the pandemic, last year we hosted the conference in a virtual setting over the course of a weekend. This year, in response to participant feedback, we are converting the conference into a series of workshops and webinars that will be offered at various dates and times between November 8 – 19, 2021. We hope that these changes will make the conference accessible to more students.

As part of this new development, this year we are offering $500 awards to host a webinar or workshop and are currently entertaining applications. Any group from an institution of higher education in the state of California that is directly involved or responsible for planning and implementing community engagement and service-learning activities can apply.  This can include short-term service activities, long-term service commitments (with programs such as Jumpstart or California Volunteers), and service-learning or other curricular service experiences.

Another new component to this year’s event is the inclusion of reflection guides for each webinar/workshop. The guides will help participants to critically think about what they’ve learned and how they might apply it to their roles as student service leaders. If you’re part of a team the reflection guides can be used to prompt discussion with your peers and engage in some collaborative learning around the various workshops and webinars.

Once again, the conference series will be free to registrants and will feature sessions that are driven by student service leaders for student service leaders.

We hope to see you there!


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